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      Hello, my name is Speedy, I am a native of Trinidad & Tobago with over 30 years of combined experience playing and coaching. My experiences range from playing at the national youth and adult level in Trinidad & Tobago, to attending Essex Community Junior College in NJ, and then Gardner-Webb University in NC, to playing professionally in Brazil and finally with the SC Shamrocks in Greer. My playing days are over, but my passion and love for this beautiful game of soccer has inspired me to give something back to the game that God has used to guide my life, so I started coaching!

      I am a USSF licensed coach whose main intention and purpose is to introduce youngsters to the game and ignite within them, a similar love, passion, and desire I had for the game, as a kid in Trini. I used every free minute to learn about the ball and how to play the game on any available field, including the streets. I understand that the streets of Trinidad, the streets of Brazil, and the street of America are totally different, but kids are kids wherever you go. If guided properly with love and respect for one another the cultural gaps can be bridged with soccer.

      Having said that, Carolina Indoor Soccer is committed to building the right skills. The skills of all kids, skills thatís both basic and unique. Starting with the ability to be focused, the value of individual effort, and technical perfection with intelligence. In my opinion, these qualities are essential to every player. The player who has a clear understanding of the skills needed to perform at his/her best in a game will gain the confidence needed to play with purpose.

      In conclusion, the player who posses the inner desire, that drive to search for the perfect game, and the player who dreams of being part of a team that plays a brand of soccer that represents a continuous special attraction that is entertaining to the fans, will enjoy the journey both on and off the field.